Abdominal Postpartum Binder

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Reimbursement Code: A4462

AltroCare Abdominal Binders are ideal for use after C-Section but they can also be used after natural childbirth and after a wide range of other surgical procedures such as hysterectomy, liposuction, gastroplasty and abdominoplasty.

Wearing an Abdominal Binder after vaginal or C-section childbirth encourages deep breathing, early ambulation and overall peace of mind for the patient. A randomized controlled pilot trial at two prenatal care clinics and an academic hospital in Kansas, beginning in 2013 and published in May 2018, found that mothers who wear an abdominal binder after C-section report significantly lower postoperative pain then mothers who are not given a binder.


  • Our proprietary, latex-free binder elastic provides all around compression and is hook receptive at any point over the complete length of the binder for unlimited adjustability;

  • The one-piece construction with no gaps between the panels means there is less stitching that could irritate sensitive patient skin;

  • The hook and loop closure system allows for quick and easy access to the C-section incision;

  • All our Abdominal Binders are machine washable and dryable.


Our binders are packed one per box. 24 boxes per case. They come in a 9”, 3 panel construction or a larger 12”, 4 panel construction and in 3 different lenghts up to 72” to accommodate all size patients.

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