The Secret, Magical Underwear That Only Moms Know About

It seems the secret is finally coming out. Disposable maternity underwear isn’t just something you wear for a couple of days in the hospital after giving birth. They are the most comfortable option for new postpartum moms after coming home, and more and more women are wearing them for longer periods.

Actually, some new moms who see no issue with donning their magical new underwear and snapping a picture, are now sharing these pictures with hundreds of thousands of people on social media. According to the popular website, “postpartum diaper selfies are the viral photo trend we need”. Beyond capturing a silly moment, which all veteran mamas will salute, the postpartum selfie tells a larger story that we all need to hear: Millions of women feel ashamed or embarrassed about their postpartum body which stops them from asking for the care they need.

Maternity underwear is comfortable and safe because the stretch material will fit your body like a glove, while at the same time allowing air to circulate. You also don’t need to worry too much about sizing. Because you can stretch them up to twice their width, a size L/XL will fit about 70% of all moms in the first couple of weeks after childbirth, when you still have your postpartum bump. And finally, while they are sold as “disposable”, the new generation of seamless fixation panties can be washed up to 25 times.

The Huffington Post in an article last year called panties like ours “The Secret, Magical Underwear That Only Moms Know About”. In the article moms who’ve had several babies describe how they requested extra pairs from the nurses when they had their second child, knowing how much they depended on them the first time they gave birth. The writer of the article also describes how she tied three unworn pairs of disposable panties with a ribbon and gave them to a pregnant friend. You can do the same and order a 2-pack from our online store or Amazon for the new mother in your life.

Sylvie V