What to Wear After Giving Birth (Part III)

It seems like all good things we do in life come in 3 steps - just like a three-step dance. And so it goes with postpartum care for your body. We already wrote about postpartum underwear (step I) and postpartum binders (step II). The final step to regain your pre-baby body is a good postpartum or “shaper” panty.  

According to CNN “the postpartum body is a source of abiding fascination”.  In a recent article titled “the enduring mystery of the postpartum pooch”, Dr Elwin Mommers explains all about “abdominal separation” or “diastasis recti” or “mummy tummy”. It is what happens when the connective tissue between your abdominal muscles stretches during pregnancy. The symptoms, which are experienced by up to 60% of new moms, can vary from just cosmetic (the famous postpartum pooch) to debilitating (severe lower back pain and incontinence).

The bad new is that nobody really knows what women can do to get rid of diastasis recti, so prevention is key. That means wearing an abdominal binder immediately after giving birth and abiding by a strict regimen of postpartum exercises (talk to your personal trainer or physician for advice on what exercise program is right for your body). After about 6 weeks of exercise and wearing an abdominal binder your mummy tummy will be a lot less visible and you can switch to a postpartum or shaper panty.

Our postpartum panty is seamless knit from nylon/spandex breathable microfiber and gives your tummy just the right amount of support, so your abdominal muscles can continue to heal. Actually, many moms continue to wear it long after their recovery when they feel they need just a little bit of extra support to fit into a new dress or skirt.

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