Infant Caps


AltroCare Infant Caps are designed to retain heat after childbirth. Our knit caps also serve a vitally important clinical purpose for the premature baby whose head is disproportionately larger than a full-term baby. These babies tend to lose more heat through their heads. AltroCare caps allow both the full term and premature baby to maintain warmth by preventing heat loss through the head.

AltroCare’s Infant Caps are made of the softest knit and conform nicely to the baby’s head. Our Baby Caps are unisex and colorful with white, pink and blue stripes.

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Circumcision Straps


At AltroCare we know how important it is to securely hold the newborn baby in place during the circumcision procedure.Our Circumcision Straps are made from the gentlest of fabrics and include hook and loop fasteners for easy and secure closure.

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