Seamless Knit Maternity Underwear

Code Size Hip
S 4-8 34"-40"
L 10-14 40"-45"
2XL 16-20 45"-52"
4XL 22-26 52"-60"

Reimbursement Code: T4536

AltroCare Seamless Knit Pants can be used for Maternity and Incontinence Care, streamlining your inventory. They have been designed for use with all maternity and incontinence insert pads currently on the market.

AltroCare Seamless Knit Pants offer the most dignified solution for new mothers and seniors alike. Their innovative design and soft underwear-like look and feel provide increased comfort and discretion compared to competing mesh pants.


AltroCare Seamless Knit Pants offer increased comfort, security, and dignity. They fit a wider range of body types, thanks to their enhanced elastic stretch and wide elasticized waistband and cuffs.

The distribution of the elastic throughout the garment and the high material burst strength not only increase comfort and dignity, they also ensure that insert pads remain snug and do not leak.


Packed in a 2-pack, 5-pack and bulk (100pc/case).

For Moms

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