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Innovative solutions in Women's Health


Caring for Women and their Babies


 AltroCare offers dignified and innovative products for women’s health. We are an independent manufacturer of health products and medical supplies for women & infants. Our products are available through direct sourcing, through distributors and online.

As a woman-owned company we focus on products that enhance the health, comfort and dignity of women and their babies. Women’s health issues include childbirth, maternity and post-maternity care, continence care, menopause and breast cancer.

For Clinicians

Our goal at AltroCare is to provide clinicians with better healthcare economics and higher patient satisfaction. Unlock new savings and offer your patients a better experience by replacing distributor’s white-label med-surg supplies with our superior quality products.

For Moms

Bringing a baby into this world is one of the most strenuous activities your body will ever go through. As a result, many new moms remain surprised by their own recovery after childbirth. On our Blog we discuss what to expect after giving birth.

Online Shop

In our Amazon Shop new moms can purchase some of the same health, wellness, and medical supplies that are preferred by the nation’s leading hospitals. Check out the retail version of our most popular products, such as our disposable underwear and our postpartum abdominal binder.

Fetal Monitoring Band & Belts

Maternity & Incontinence Underwear

Postpartum Abdominal Binder

Infant Products